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Full-stack developer building apps for the internet.

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    Fan of open-source projects.

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    Specializing in web-based applications.

Who am I?

I'm a 18 year-old full stack developer who's been immersed in the world of coding since 2020. Being mostly self-taught, my passion for open-source projects runs deep. I'm always enthusiastic about learning new technologies and techniques, constantly seeking to broaden my skill set.

📺 In my free time you might catch me game once in a while but more often I watch tech related content.

🎓 currently studying at AUAS (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) to become a software engineer.

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Featured Projects


An open-source customisable solution to storing files in the cloud. ✈️

SCR Creator Hub
SCR Creator Hub

Provider of stock footage and images for Stepford County Railway content creators.


My next generation portfolio built with NextJS, TRPC, NextAuth and Prisma.

snowcrystals website
snowcrystals website

Documentation website for Snow Crystals 💻


Co-pilot for GitHub operations ✈️


A Discord bot which makes your GitHub Discord embeds prettier ✨

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